James Amstin
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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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Lieutenant Colonel





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"Santiago is an exemplary soldier and one of the most courageous men I've ever met. But even with his outstanding record, I can't recommend his promotion to corporal. His loyalty to Fenix may well exceed his loyalty to the COG. Even if it doesn't, then his decision to testify for Fenix must call his judgment into question. However... even if I have to refuse his promotion, I'll state privately that this is a man I can only admire for his refusal to abandon a friend, knowing what it would cost him."
— Lieutenant Colonel James Amstin, assessing Private Dominic Santiago shortly after Marcus Fenix's court martial

Lieutenant Colonel James Amstin was a Gear officer in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army.


Assessing Dominic SantiagoEdit

After the trial of Sgt. Marcus Fenix and the Battle of Ephyra, Amstin assesed Pvt. Dominic Santiago for possible promotion. Although he was highly impressed with Dom's record, and thought he was an excellent soldier, Amstin questioned Dom's judgment in defending Marcus during the trial, and was worried his loyalty to Marcus was greater than his loyalty to the Coalition of Ordered Governments, so he denied him the promotion. However, Amstin stated privately that he greatly admired Dom for his steadfast refusal to abandon his friend, even though he knew it would cost him his career.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Aspho Fields pg 191

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