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South Islands

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7 B.E.

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"Did you kill any?"
— Jake, to Bernie, Hugo, Darrel, and Miku after they returned from hunting Locust

Jake was a member of a small group of survivors living on Noroa nine years after Emergence Day.


Hiding on NoroaEdit

Nine years after Emergence Day, Jake had joined with a group of fourteen other civilians that were protected by four Gears. They hid from the Locust in the eastern cliffs of Noroa, and Jake served as a sentry for the camp. When Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, Cpl. Hugo Muir, Darrel, and Miku returned from a battle against the Locust, Jake eagerly jumped out from his hiding spot in the bushes near the camp to greet them. He asked if they killed any Locust, and Miku held up several weapons they had scavenged from the Locust, pleasing Jake. He let them enter the camp, and told them that a boat had passed by earlier, but they didn't radio them because the boat hadn't seemed like a threat. Bernie asked where it was now, and he told her they didn't know, as it had gone outside their viewing range.[1] Over the next few days, Jake and the others began packing up the camp, with the Gears having decided it was time to leave Noroa and go to Port Slaughterhouse on Galangi. When Jake was on sentry duty three days into the preparations to leave, he spotted the same boat from before heading up toward their camp, and alerted the others.[2]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jake was very excitable, and was pleased to learn whenever Locust were killed.[1]


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