Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper was one of two major newspapers (the other being The Eagle Newspaper) on Sera, and a member of the Sovereigns Press Corps. The paper has been in circulation for at least 10 years, evidenced by a copy that was found in Landown during Operation: Hollow Storm that reported on the beginning of the Fall of Landown.[1][2] It is unknown if the COG censored the paper since the passing of the Fortification Act after E-Day and/or used the paper for propaganda purposes.

Famous IssuesEdit

Winter of SorrowEdit

Jacintosentinelnews--article image

"They came during the night." That was the word from survivors, who endured a harrowing 24 hours in which Locust forces bombarded the town with grenades, Nemacyst, and mortars. Though areas around Landown have been attacked during the recent months, nothing could prepare the city for the massive destruction that took place. Five years had passed since E-Day, but Landown residents felt like they were experiencing that horrific day all over again.

Mayor Leland Asks for More Gears
Following the attack on Landown and the Winter of Sorrow experienced by the surrounding area, Mayor Gerard Leland has asked the COG to deploy more Gears to the Landown barracks.

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

Jacintonewspaper--article image

Hollow Storm!
COG forces struck at the heart of the enemy yesterday, delivering a devastating attack that has the Locust reeling. An enormous fleet of Assault Derricks, Grindlifts, Centaurs, and King Ravens attacked the Locust-occupied city of Landown, and thousands of Gears are now beneath the surface of Sera, wreaking havoc on the Locust Hollow.

Chairman Prescott Denies Rumors of Another Safe Haven
Rumors of another human safe haven continue to circulate around Jacinto, but Chairman Prescott denied them, saying, "I wish that were the case, believe me. There's nothing we need more. But unfortunately, Jacinto is our last, best hope. We must protect this city at all costs."

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