J. Ademi
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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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"There's never a good time, sir."
— Ademi to Victor Hoffman, after he apologized for visiting Jacinto Med at a bad time

Doctor J. Ademi was a physician who worked as a medical registrar at the Jacinto Medical Center.


Hoffman's VisitEdit

Twelve years after Emergence Day, Ademi was working a shift at the Jacinto Medical Center when Col. Victor Hoffman arrived. She recognized him and asked if she could help him, and Hoffman said he was here to see the chief of the ER, but noted that they seemed busy. Ademi told him that they always were, and asked if there was a problem he needed taken care of. Hoffman informed her he just wanted to pass on his thanks for the work they did, catching her off guard. Ademi asked him to follow her, and led him to the surgical area where Dr. Isabel Maryon-Hayman was working, warning him that she preferred Hayman and was tough to deal with. She watched as Hayman gruffly accepted Hoffman's thanks for the medical work they did, and when he came back down the hallway to her, Ademi asked him if he wanted to visit wounded Gears on the fourth floor. Hoffman nodded, and asked if a Lt. Donneld Mathieson had gotten out of surgery yet, and that both his legs had been amputated. As they took the elevator up, she told him she would check, and left him at a desk on the fourth floor. She found out that Mathieson was in recovery, and returned to Hoffman to show him there, warning him that he would be heavily sedated and unable to talk but that he might be able to hear Hoffman. She listened as Hoffman promised Mathieson that he would find something for him to do once he got out, and Ademi led him back down the corridor. Ademi asked what Mathieson would be able to do in a wheelchair, and if he would even want to do anything. Hoffman noted that there were many support roles, and that he would keep his promise to Mathieson no matter what. As they headed for the elevator, the power went out, and they were forced to take the stairs in pitch-black darkness. Ademi asked Hoffman if he would check in on Mathieson again, and that she would make sure he did not have to see Hayman again. Hoffman promised her that he would come back to visit his Gears no matter what.[1]


  1. Gears of War: The Slab pg 389-292

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