The Infrastructure Minister was the head of the Department of Infrastructure of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. The Infrastructure Minister organized everything that the Department of Infrastructure did for the infrastructure of the COG. The only known Infrastructure Minister was Jerome, who was the Infrastructure Minister in the Cabinet of Chairman Richard Prescott.


The Cabinet MeetingEdit

In the prelude to the Hammer of Dawn deployment, Chairman Richard Prescott held a cabinet meeting for his entire cabinet to discuss the deployment of the Hammer. When he told them, each and every single one of them was shocked and in disbelief. He went on to say that he would reinstate the Fortification Act, which would instill martial law on all of Sera; as well as a three-day warning for the entire population of Sera to evacuate to the Jacinto Plateau, to be safe from the Hammer of Dawn's deployment. Jerome was in denial to this, and replied that there would not be enough infrastructure for any and all incoming people from around the world. Prescott responded with the fact that nothing would change his mind, and the Fortification Act, the three day warning, and the HoD deployment would happen. With this, Prescott left the meeting to allow his fellow cabinet members to come to terms with the reality of the situation.

Known Infrastructure MinistersEdit


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