Industrial staple gun
Technical specifications

Very Large

Damage Per Hit

Very High to Lethal

Maximum Ammunition


Ammunition Type


"I think it's safe to say these industrial staple guns work."
JD Fenix, during his mechanized assault through Tollen

Industrial staple guns were designed for use by DB Industries construction mechs, driven by DeeBee Shepherds, in building Coalition of Ordered Governments Settlements.[1] Despite being designed for construction, they could be used as weapons.[2]

A single staple fired from this gun can kill a Swarm Drone, Scion, or Canker, though many more are needed to kill Carriers or Snatchers. The weapon will overheat with prolonged use, but can be cooled down. Staples can occasionally ricochet off of buildings and surfaces.


A Mech holding a staple gun.



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