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Jacinto Plateau

Pendulum Wars Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust War Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Notable Facts
  • Attacked and Evacuated Around 10 A.E.
  • Third City Sunk by the Riftworm

Ilima was a Human city located within the Jacinto Plateau on Sera. It was one of three that surrounded Jacinto Plateau, and was defended by COG military forces. A major battle took place there nine years after E-Day, during which General RAAM personally led a massive assault upon the city, as he and his Horde manipulated the Kryll to cover the city in darkness by inking the skies using Nemacyst. The city was later destroyed in 15 A.E. by the Locust Horde tunneling underneath it with a Rift Worm, sinking the entire city.


Ilima city hall

The inside of the City Hall in Ilima city.

The Attack on Ilima CityEdit

Shortly before the Battle of Ephyra, Queen Myrrah of the Locust Horde launched a full-scale assault on Ilima City. This 4 hour-long attack, personally led by General RAAM, nearly wiped out every human who resided in the city. Zeta Squad was sent to Ilima to help evacuate the survivors. RAAM called upon the Kryll to aid him in his victory, and with that, attacked Zeta Squad who defended the orphanage which contained the remaining survivors. Thankfully, they managed to wound General RAAM and escape as the Kryll swamped the area in darkness with Ilima City falling into ruin. Ilima City then became a stranded refuge.

Operation: Hollow StormEdit


Ilima after the Riftworm attacked.

Six years later, it was the site of the Battle of Ilima. The sinking of Ilima was witnessed by Delta Squad, who navigated through it on their way to the Hollow. Though it had been evacuated beforehand, a number of Stranded had remained behind, and were hunted down by Locust patrols. The Locust presence was later eradicated by Delta, but the remains of the city were swallowed by the Rift Worm. Anything that wasn't was flooded when Delta flooded the Hollows in an attempt to kill the Locust off.[1]


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