House of Sand is the second chapter of the second act in Gears of War 3.


New enemies:

The chapter starts with a cutscene in which you see the Barge you shot down before being salvaged by several Wild Tickers but as you approach they get scared and flee. Baird comments he hates them because they take anything useful but Dom reminds him he does exactly the same. Marcus spots another floating Barge and tells everyone to follow it, but Baird takes the flight programmer of the barge before he follows them; he says it serves to drive the barge.

As you go into a small cave, the ceiling begins to crumble but you manage to get out alive. As you exit the cave, you get a glimpse at some cages full of burned human bodies. As you pass them, you see several Gas Barges heading north and you need to follow them. However, something moves underground as it tries to reach you. As it bursts from the ground, its revealed to be a "smaller" Corpser known as a Savage Corpser. Be careful with its claws while its underground. Try to use objects around you to block its path and attack it from behind or by the sides as he has armor in its claws. Kill it with the Sawed-Off Shotgun near you and you'll see a Savage Drone carrying ammo supplies. Kill it and take the ammo before you continue.

As you move forward, several Locust attack you with Tickers, a Digger Boomer and a Grinder above you. Kill them all and get to the door. Before you get to it, however, a Savage Grenadier uses a battle horn to call several Savage Therons that use Cleavers instead of Torque Bows, which try to cut you into pieces by rushing at you. Deal with them at a distance and you won't have any problem. Once you clear the area, get to the door and open it.

As you pass through the gate, another Siegebeast attacks you and you need to run to its position. You come under attack by Savage Locust with a Multi-Turret and another Digger. Take them out by flanking them from the sides and using the fuel tanks near them. After this, you reach the Siegebeast and several Diggers and Grenadiers come your way. Use the Siegebeast to take them out but make sure every shot counts as you've only got three shots before the catapult goes empty. After it does, clear the few survivors and you find a large ammunition supply near the next door before you pass through it. Take the ammo and the next chapter begins after you enter the door.


There are no collectibles in this chapter.

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