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Hornets' Nest is the third chapter of the fourth act of Gears of War 2.


The Butcher.

Objective: Move to the Locust Palace

During this mission, the player must fight their way through multiple intense firefights while making their way towards the Locust Palace. It is the first time in the game (or indeed the series) that the Palace and the Butcher are seen. It is also revealed what the Locust see as a food source; Marcus and Dom find the severed remains of an eaten Rock Worm, prompting Dom to say, "Well, guess we know what the grubs like to eat".



Marcus and Dom's first look at Nexus.

Keep going until you see the cinematic where Marcus and Dom see the Palace. Then keep fighting until you find the Theron Sentinel in the tower. Go up the stairs and kill him. Then pull the lever. WARNING: two Flame Grenadiers and three Theron Sentinels will come out of the doors. Proceed through the following. But, be warned: immediately after the checkpoint, a grenadier will come Rodie Running to you, follwed by a Bloodmount with two Drones providing cover fire.

After you defeat them, a random drone will try to stop you.

In the following room, some grenades are at the bottom of the staircase. After that, pull the switch and fight the Locust on the other side. Shoot the Locust that will try to lower your cover. After that, a Reaver will appear. Once the Reaver is dead and the Locust Drones and Locust Snipers are dead, two Grinders will come through the following door. After you kill them, proceed towards the Palace. When you get to the part where JACK sets off the beacon, kill the Locust forces then go behind you and continue. You might want the Mortar the Drone has. Then clear the Grinders, Tickers, and other forces until you see Grindlifts coming in. When you clear the area out, go upstairs and find Cole and Baird. Then go into the cable car.

COLLECTIBLE 1: When you begin, there are two paths. Take the right and keep going until you find it. NOTE: The collectible can be hard to see.

COLLECTIBLE 2: When you get to the area where Dom says, "This place close enough for the beacon?" and the doors are closing, run into the middle one before it closes and go to the end of the hallway or the opposite wall where the Troika turret is.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Better Wrapped in Beacon" achievement.
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