Home Away from Home is the first chapter of the fifth act of Gears of War 3.


After arriving at a docking area in Azura, there are corpses all over and not much Locust around. Once you go off the docking area, there's a small patrol of some Palace Guards that are equipped with Torque Bows and Lancers. Attacking them is not needed unless you want to use the Torque Bow. Stick on the eastern side as it contains several weapons. As you get near the train station, more Palace Guards and Wretches come out and begin to attack you. As you reach the train station area, a train comes out from the tunnel. Ignore the guards at first, and shoot the fuel tank at the end of the train. This causes the train to explode. Finish off all enemies before continuing.

Adam Fenix is watching your squad through the cameras around the facility. He suggests to get a Silverback, which is left from the entry outside again. As you continue, make a sharp left turn to find some Palace Guards dropping a large ammo stash. Kill them quickly and continue forward. As you push through the defenses, a Reaver appears, but with the Silverback, it should be quite easy to destroy. Move forward and you'll find a Locust dock station where they've put their gunboats on hold. Keep continuing forward to find more Palace Guards and a Boomer attempting to stop you. As you reach an open field, Mortars start firing on you. Go left of the field and defeat all the enemies in there to flank the mortars. As you go down, turn right and fight off a few Wretches and a Boomer. The Locust have blocked the path, so go back to where you came in. As you reach a door, Boomers open it. Kill them quickly.

You re-enter the train station. On the opposite side is a Kantus and several Palace Guards. Kill them quickly, and drop your Silverback on the rails. Go up after all the enemies have been killed and pull the switch to open the tunnel gates. Move through the tunnel, and as you reach the next station, a train comes from the opposite side. You do not need to get rid of the Silverback; running on it is good enough to avoid being hit by the train. Defeat all the Palace Guards and Boomers, and enter the lift to start the next part.


  • Pamphlet: In the first area, take a left just before stepping onto the train platform. The pamphlet is on the ground at the far end.
  • Assault Plans: When you run into the caves to avoid Mortar fire, kill all the enemies and hug the left wall. You'll come to a gate the Silverback can kick down. The plans are on the floor inside.
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