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Swarm Tentacle
Hive Boss
Biographical information
Date of death

41 A.E.

Physical description and equipment


  • Tentacles
  • Quills
  • Spores
Chronological and political information

Post-Locust War

Notable Facts
  • Regenerative Tentacles


A Hive Boss, also referred to as "That", was a massive Swarm creature that guarded the entrance to the Swarm nest beneath the Tollen Dam. Several stories tall, the Hive Boss resembled a gargantuan version of the Carrier, with some Pouncer attributes, such as the ability to launch large Nemacyst like projectiles from its chest and able to strike at range with four large tentacles which were capable of shooting out quills. It was also capable of producing a loud roar capable of rapidly repulsing any enemy that managed to get too close to its central body. It also appeared capable of rapid regeneration of lost limbs, as it was capable of replacing lost tentacles within a short amount of time.

Battle of the Tollen Dam NestEdit

During the rescue of Reyna Diaz, leader of the Outsiders who had been abducted by The Speaker along with the rest of the Outsider village, Kait Diaz, JD Fenix, Delmont Walker, Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird, Augustus Cole and Samantha Byrne encountered the huge creature directly before the entrance of the nest. The beast proved to be extremely dangerous and somewhat intelligent. JD and Kait engaged the beast in heavy assault mech suits, using their modified construction tools as weapons and managing to pin down and remove the Hive Boss' tentacles, using an airstrike from the nearby King Raven to neutralize the creature's regenerative capability.

However, the creature appeared to understand on some level the tactic being used against it, and managed to disable the King Raven after losing its final tentacle. With its tentacles gone, the creature relied on saturating the gorge with its Nemacyst-like projectiles and striking with its two large frontal claws. However, JD Fenix was able to re-purpose the King Raven's still operational main rotor assembly and was able to shield himself from the projectiles, and tricked the beast into attacking him with its main arms. JD then used the rotor to violently amputate the creature's limbs before burying the rotor assembly deep within the creature's skull, killing it. It is unknown if it's a one of a kind or if there's more of them.


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