Hijack is the fifth chapter of the second act of Gears of War 3.


New enemies:

Once you get to the surface, you see several Barges in the air, but soon Queen Myrrah and her Tempest, a new Locust who looks like a giant bug, arrive escorted by two Reavers. Queen Myrrah recognizes Marcus and tells one of the riders to warn every outpost from there to Azura to stay at full readiness and tells the other to follow them. The Gears are surprised she is still alive and leading the Locust. After seeing you, her Tempest releases little flying enemies called Shriekers to attack you and leaves. Kill the Shriekers and be careful as when you kill one, it goes down and explodes. After killing them, a Barge comes near and leaves several Palace Guards behind. Once you're done with the guards and Grenadiers, another Digger Boomer attacks you, along with more Shriekers, Guards and a Multi-Turret. Deal with all of them and reach the gate in front of you. Inside, there'll be some ammo boxes and weapons. Take what you want and head to your right.

You're near the landing tower. Take the elevator in front of you to reach the top of the tower. Once you're at the top, a Barge attacks you. Take cover on the containers and walls around you. Deal with the Guards that come out of the Barge before they kill you. Once you've defeated all of the Guards and avoided getting killed, the Barge lands. Kill the Guards still onboard and get inside. Baird gives you a speech about Anvil Gate and tells jokingly that it's lovely. Dom remarks even Sam says its the ass of the world and it was her hometown. Dom deduces its Myrrah who has kidnapped Adam Fenix and Marcus tells him that now she knows he's coming to rescue him. On the next chapter, you go on board the barge when you reunite with an old friend: Dizzy.


  • Queen's Symbol: After clearing the first area of enemies, move through the arch to the next area. When you can see the turret ahead, turn right and kick in the door. The symbol is on the floor next to some Incendiary Grenades.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Oh Yeah, It's Pirate Time" achievement.
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