Hidden Fronts is the second multiplayer map pack released for Gears of War. It includes 4 maps: Subway, Bullet Marsh, Garden, and Process. The Pack was released in May of 2007. It used to cost 800 Microsoft points, however it is now free to download. It is said the maps were made for Annex.


Two level multiplayer map set in a Metropolis area in Sera. The map is divided into an above ground area city street and a below level Metro station. The Longshot is found on the map overlooking the Metro area where the Boomshot is located. Empty and mostly destroyed trains can be found in the lower Metropolitan level.

Bullet MarshEdit

A bog somewhere on Sera. It is night and the Kryll are free. The player can be attacked and downed, not killed (Unless downed three times), by the Kryll by standing in areas with no light. The generators on the map can be shot to turn off the spot lights that illuminate the areas over the Longshots. The map is mostly symmetrical.


A structure on Sera that is used to house the plants for public view, now destroyed from the war and left in ruin. There are rooms full of pesticide that will kill the player if he stays too long (The Longshot is located inside). The pesticide can be turned off by three switches that are located on each side of the map. There is a Hammer of Dawn located in a down in the middle of the map in a dome area.


An imulsion mining factory located below Sera's surface. The Factory is full of equipment for imulsion mining. Imulsion can be found inside the machines all throughout the map. The Longshot is found in an open metal box in the map across from the location of the Boomshot. The player cannot interact with the imulsion in any way, it is only scenery.

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