Helping Hand is the fourth chapter of the first act of Gears of War 3.


Helping Hand

Helping Hand.

New Enemies:

After getting the container of food to the King Raven, Cole and his squad go look around a little more to find more supplies. After going through a street infested with Imulsion vapors and dead stalks, go up and you'll find a clear area. If you're on Arcade Co-op, there are enemies ahead.

If not, keep going until you reach a Stranded outpost, fighting against the Lambent forces. The Lambent have thrown in Gunkers into the fray. Gunkers are very deadly Lambent, and you should avoid getting close to them at any cost. Clear the first Gunker and the Lambent there, and another Stalk appears and releases another Gunker with Drudges and Lambent Drones. Once all the Lambent are defeated, go to the entrance of the Stranded outpost, and a cutscene appears.

Once the cutscene ends, the leader lets you in because she recognizes Cole as a Thrashball Star. Move through the outpost until you reach a point. Wait for the leader to appear and you can continue. Search the area around to find a large amount of Retro Lancers and Hammerbursts, along with a Lancer. Also, in one of the COG containers, there's a Boomshot inside.

The Stranded leader takes you outside, and there is a huge supply of ammo. The ammo here is infinite, so you can stock up as much as you want. After the gate opens, you can go out. Large amounts of Lambent arrive via stalks, including several extra Gunkers. Search the area carefully, as there is a COG Tag and another Boomshot hidden on the sides.

Once you reach the Thrashball Stadium, the Stalks destroy your means of exit, and surround you. This time, the Gunkers are in very close ranges, and they should be dealt with first before the other Lambent. Once all of them die, you can enter the stadium, and the chapter ends.


  • Clipping, Times-Tribune: When following the camp leader, after entering the hangar where it lets you unholster, turn right and walk to the end. Its behind a metal container, along with a Boomshot.
  • Recovered Cog Tags #4: After you get out of the Stranded camp and collect the ammo for Michaelson, there's a guard at a gate. After he opens it, go through and immediately turn left. Follow to the end of the dock and it will be next to the dead COG.
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