Pendulum Wars Allegiance
Locust War Allegiance
"Stay on your island. We've survived everything so far- your Hammer of Dawn, the grubs, the glowies- by being small."
— The Stranded leader of Hatton to Col. Victor Hoffman

Hatton was a city in Tyrus with a water reservoir. A Stranded camp was built alongside the reservoir.


Stranded CampEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Hatton's reservoir had been occupied by Stranded, who built a large camp along the reservoir's shore. When KR Eight-Zero was scouting the mainland, Col. Victor Hoffman had the King Raven stop at Hatton, and he met with the Stranded leader. Hoffman gave her fuel for information, and she told him that contact had been lost with the Stranded camps at Corren, Gerrenhalt, and Bonbourg, but Porta Ogari still had some contact. She also informed him that Lambent stalks were attracted to cities, and a river of Imulsion had appeared at Descano Hill, but had a large amount of Lambent around it.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Coalition's End pg 227-230

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