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Harua Tak
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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

Harua Tak was the wife of Bai Tak.


Early lifeEdit

Harua lived in Pesang and was a hill farmer. She married Bai Tak, and they had several kids.[1]


After her husband's death during Operation Leveler, Harua received a letter from Col. Victor Hoffman containing his Embry Star and a bank check that would be a fortune to a hill farmer.[2]

Journey to Anvil GateEdit

After Hoffman, Bernadette Mataki, and a few thousand people left Vectes to go live in Anvil Gate, a few trucks made their way towards Anvil Gate. Thinking it was an enemy threat, Hoffman and Mataki took defensive positions, only to find out it was Padrick Salton and a few Pesanga. After greeting Pad, a small woman came out of a truck to greet Hoffman, saying she knew him. Hoffman became confused as he did not know who this woman was, until she revealed an Embry Star, which caused him to realized that it was Harua Tak, Bai's wife. Harua then introduced the other Pesanga, who turned out to be Bai's children and grandchildren. Hoffman gratefully welcomed them into Anvil Gate to live among the others.


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