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Southern Tyrus

Pendulum Wars Allegiance


Locust-Human War Allegiance


Notable Facts
"This is my turf! Cougars territory!"
— Cole entering Hanover via helicopter

Hanover was the hometown of Augustus Cole and the Thrashball team the Cougars, as well as a grocery center.[1] Upon the end of the Pendulum Wars, Hanover celebrated almost every night in the streets welcoming hometown veterans. On a late morning one day, everyone in town was either glued to a television or radio hearing the broadcasts of attacks and evacuations in Jannermont. Many thought it was the early attacks of vengeful Indies. However, it was revealed that holes ripped from the surface to reveal armed underground monsters who killed anyone that moved. Despite the devastation and loss, Hanover's Thrashball team was forced to play for "Morale Support." Hanover remained untouched until some time later.

Hanover is best known for their monuments and sports, such as the Centennial Bridge and the Cougars Stadium that housed the Cougars. Most notably, a statue of Cole stands inside the main entrance of the stadium.

Later, during the Mission to Hanover, Delta Squad battled the Locust and Lambent here. Centennial Bridge was destroyed during the attack: the Gears dropped a crate full of Tickers onto a Lambent Leviathan and a strike from its tentacles broke the bridge. Later, the wreckage of the CNV Sovereign was washed up on the shore of the city.

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