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Onyx Guard Academy

The Halvo Bay Military Academy was a Coalition of Ordered Governments Army institution in Halvo Bay. Among other training programs and functions, the academy trained Gears to join the elite Onyx Guard unit.[1] Sofia Hendrik was a known trainee and graduate of the Onyx Guard Academy.[2] The UIR sent spies into the Academy during the Pendulum Wars, but they all defected to the COG.[3]

Known TraineesEdit


Enfield BridgeEdit

The bridge led to the main entrance of the Academy and appeared to be heavily fortified with turrets. However, the Locust might have placed them there. A large part of the bridge was destroyed by Reavers storming the Academy.


Monroe CommonsEdit


R&D LabsEdit

The Labs were the section of the Academy in which professors and cadets tested new equipment. It was also a JACK bot workshop. In here, Professor Elliot and many of his colleagues designed new equipment and weapons for the COG. Most of the labs and the scientists working there were destroyed when the Locust attacked the Academy.


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