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Griffin Tower

Griffin Tower under attack from Myrrah and her Tempest.

Griffin Tower was the headquarters for the Griffin Imulsion Corporation which was owned by its CEO Aaron Griffin. It was located in the city of Char. After the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, it became a Stranded camp lead by Griffin.


Locust WarEdit

After the Hammer StrikesEdit

After the Locust Horde emerged from underground, Aaron Griffin, a now Stranded outpost leader, was living in Char. Shortly after the Locust emerged from the ground, the COG had one option to hold them off: the Hammer of Dawn. After the strikes, Griffin, along with more Stranded, built a "tower" where they could live and start again. Later, the outpost grew into a small town for the victims of the Hammer Strikes.

Lambent PandemicEdit

Arrival of the COGEdit

During the Lambent Pandemic, Delta Squad arrived in Char on a mission to get some fuel for their Packhorse and the submarine they hoped to find at the Endeavor Naval Shipyard. After evading several traps set by Ash Man, the Gears found their way to Griffin Tower where they helped fend off a Lambent attack. Afterwards, Ash Man led the Gears into the tower to meet with Griffin who agreed to give them some fuel in exchange for the Gears retrieving his missing shipment from the refinery. To ensure their compliance, Griffin kept Dizzy Wallin prisoner in the tower.

Attack by Queen MyrrahEdit

While Delta is gone at the refinery, Queen Myrrah, the former leader of the Locust Horde, leads an attack on the tower with her Queen's Guard. Queen Myrrah severely damages the tower with her Tempest before breaking off and leaving her forces to finish the job. Delta returns in time to save Aaron Griffin and Dizzy Wallin, but the entire rest of the Stranded population in the tower is wiped out. Though the Locust forces are killed, Griffin retreats from the tower in a cable car to his refinery, enraged about the loss of everyone he cared about. According to Griffin, the tower and its population had survived the Locust, the Hammer of Dawn strikes and the Lambent until Delta came along and drew Queen Myrrah's wrath down upon them.

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