"Santiago and Green Troop- clear a path in for the bots from the front."
— Major Victor Hoffman handing out squad assignments during Operation Leveler

Green Troop during the Battle of Aspho Fields.

Green Troop was a COG commando team lead by Private Dominic Santiago. They took part in Operation Leveler.[1]

Squad HistoryEdit

During the Battle of Aspho Fields, Green Troop entered the main building of Aspho Point, and secured it. After Shim Kor killed one of the guards, Dom and Timiou captured Debrah Humbert, a network tech for the facility. They managed to convince her they were running an exercise, and learned from her that there was a backup of the Hammer of Dawn data at Peraspha Military Base. They informed command of this, and then had their bots extract the data. The commandos guarding the Marlins then radioed all the teams and informed them that a UIR commando squad had just landed on the shore.[2] After this, members of each of the three teams became intermixed, and abandoned call signs.[3]

Known MembersEdit

Private Dominic Santiago

Current Status: Reassigned

Dom led Green Troop during Operation Leveler.

Private Georg Timiou

Current Status: K.I.A.

Timiou was a commando who survived Operation Leveler, but was killed one year later.[4]

Shim Kor

Current Status: Unknown

Kor was a Pesanga volunteer who was wounded during Operation Leveler, and it is not known if he survived.


Current Status: presumably K.I.A[5]


Current Status: K.I.A


Current Status: presumably K.I.A


Current Status: presumably K.I.A


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