Great Hall is the fourth chapter of the first act in Gears of War: Judgment. This is the fourth mission of Baird's testimony.


The chapter starts with a cutscene in which you enter the Museum of Military Glory, and you encounter the Onyx Guards of Black-Four and they order you to defend the hall. As the chapter starts, you're given some time to prepare your defenses. There are several Grenades and Auto-Turrets, so you may frag tag the walls and put the turrets in front of the laser wires around the hall. Also at the beginning of the chapter you will find the Declassified Mission on the main pillar of the hall.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad alleged that Onyx Guard units had improperly set up defenses and that Nemacysts infiltrated the Museum."

Activating the Declssified Mission will allow Nemacyst to crash through the walls and to attack you from above which can become a real annoyance over time. As the time passes, enemies begin to appear by E-Holes and through the doors and then the Nemacyst begin to enter the Museum. Deal with them first before engaging other enemies. As you progress, Butchers and/or Flame Boomers join the battle but pose almost no threat. After repelling the first wave, you have thirty seconds to collect ammo and check your defenses before the battle starts again.

In the next wave, Grinders, Maulers, and Boomers start attacking and destroying your barriers and sentinels so deal with them quickly before they cause any trouble. Wretches and Cleaver Therons attack at close range so be advised and deal with them at a considerable range. After finishing off all the enemies, an Onyx Guard says that all reinforcements must head to the East Wing to help Black-Four. After this, you get to the door and the chapter ends.


At the middle of the Hall below the statue, there's a COG Tag next to a body after circling for a while.


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