The Gorasni Navy was the naval backbone of the military of the Republic of Gorasnaya.


Before the Locust attack, it can be assumed that, as a member of the UIR, the Gorasni navy was a very strong and capable navy. However, after the devastating and massive invasion by the Locust and the overrunning of Gorasnaya, the navy suffered losses and was forced to evacuate 5000 civilians. For the next 15 years, the Gorasni navy moved from port to port since the Locust were not able to sweep the entire surface every day. During the fifteenth year of the Locust War, their submarine the Zephyr torpedoed a pirate ship revealing themselves to the COG. Soon after, Gorasnaya had joined the COG. Immediately after this, the Gorasni navy began moving civilians to their new home on Vectes.[1] During the Second Battle of Azura, the navy came to the aid of Delta Squad and helped battle the Locust and Lambent and end the war.


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