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Gorasni Destroyer
Production information

Union of Independent Republics



Technical specifications
  • Starboard and Port-Side Light Cannon
  • Helicopter Carrier
  • Transportation
"We're going to need explosives."
"Explosives? Why? That's the boat!?"
"I never said it was in water...
Garron Paduk and Damon Baird, discussing the destroyer

Gorasni Destroyers were small ships, presumably used by the Gorasni Navy.


Pendulum WarsEdit

These light destroyers were lightly armored vessels used by the Republic of Gorasnaya during the Pendulum Wars.

Locust WarEdit

Post-Operation: Hollow StormEdit

The Sinking of Jacinto caused a massive tidal wave to hit Halvo Bay, beaching a destroyer on top of the Regency Hotel.[1]

Lambent PandemicEdit

Return to Halvo BayEdit

"How does a boat end up on top of a building anyway?"
"The wave washed it up there."
"Ask a stupid question...
— Augustus Cole and Paduk

After returning to Halvo Bay and reuniting with Garron Paduk, the ex-UIR soldier guided Damon Baird, Augustus Cole and Clayton Carmine to the ship for them to use to travel to Azura.[1] The ship, alongside COG Boats and King Ravens, arrived at Azura and assisted in the battle.[2]



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