The Gorasni Army was the ground force of the military of the Republic of Gorasnaya. The Republic of Gorasnaya was a member of the UIR so its army served fighting against the COG and was known for their cruel treatment of prisoners of war. When the Pendulum Wars ended, the Gorasni Army refused to surrender and continued a guerilla campaign against the COG. When the Locust attacked, the Republic of Gorasnaya was completely overrun and the last 5000 people made their way out to sea to survive. Fourteen years later, when a Gorasni submarine, the Zephyr, sunk a pirate ship, the Gorasni revealed themselves to the COG and their leader, Commander Miran Trescu, negotiated with Chairman Richard Prescott to allow him to move his entire populations to Vectes. Prescott agreed to this on the condition that Gorasnaya joined the COG. After a moment’s hesitation, Trescu agreed.[1] After this, the Gorasni Army joined the COG Army and began to protect the Gorasni camp in New Jacinto along with the Stranded who joined the COG. Later tensions grew when Trescu got information on the location of Stranded camps and decided to send his own men to attack them and set up roadblocks leading into the area without authorization from Col. Victor Hoffman or Chairman Prescott.[2]


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