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Three Gorasni naval personnel including Miran Trescu.

The Gorasni were the people of the Republic of Gorasnaya. They were a proud and notorious people, known for their harsh treatment of their enemies.[1] The Locust War killed a majority of the Gorasni, with General Karn leading their extermination within a month after Emergence Day. Some survivors from the nation were rescued by the Coalition of Ordered Governments navy, including Garron Paduk.[2] Conflict with the Locust and Stranded eventually left only four thousand survivors, led by Cpt. Miran Trescu. He led the remaining Gorasni in seeking shelter with the COG on the island of Vectes in 15 A.E., although there was some protest to this among the more hardline members of the Gorasni population.[3]

Notable GorasniEdit


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