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Gold Rush was the term used to describe the economic boom that resulted from the discovery and subsequent exploitation of Imulsion following the Era of Silence, and was a major turning point in Sera's history. With the discovery of Imulsion and the invention of the Lightmass Process, an entirely new industry quickly grew into being and supplied thousands of new jobs, even as the planet's energy problems seem to disappear with an influx of this new, cheap, and abundant source of energy. However, a few problems came from this. Those involved in the immediate extraction and processing of Imulsion suffered a variety of health complications and a shortened life span as a result of exposure to the substance, though this was largely considered a small price to pay for Sera's energy security. These health concerns would eventually reappear nearly a century later in the form of Rust Lung.[1] Eventually, however, rampant speculation on Imulsion and the ever-increasing demand for the substance led to a major financial collapse, and eventually the Pendulum Wars, ending the Gold Rush.[2][3]

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