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Southern Tyrus

Pendulum Wars Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust-Human War Allegiance

COG (destroyed)

Notable Facts

Destroyed in the Hammer of Dawn counterattack

Gerrenhalt was a city in southern Tyrus, about four hours away from Ephyra on a light traffic day.[1]


Hammer of Dawn CounterattackEdit

One year after Emergence Day, Gerrenhalt was one of the hundreds of cities across Sera targeted by the Hammer of Dawn to deny the Locust resources. A reporter went to the city hours before the strike to report on the evacuation, even though that would mean he would be killed in the attack.[2] A few days after the strike, a Gear squad commanded by Sgt. Marcus Fenix headed toward Gerrenhalt in PA-Five-One to investigate the effects of the counterattack, but was unable to reach it because of the difficult terrain.[3]


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