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Geril Atar
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17 B.E. (Siege of Anvil Gate)

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Thinning, dark

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Notable Facts
"Geril Atar. You’ve admitted to an act of injurious theft as defined by the Military Emergency Measures Act, that by stealing rations intended for Coalition soldiers you endangered them and their ability to defend the COG. The penalty is death, and in the name of the Chairman of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, I shall now carry that out."
— Victor Hoffman to Geril Atar, saying the legalities before executioning him for his crime.

Geril Atar was a Kashkuri residing at Anvil Gate during the Siege. He was executed by Lt.Victor Hoffman for stealing COG rations.


Early lifeEdit

Geril Atar was a clerk at Anvegad during the Pendulum Wars. It's likely to assume Geril Atar was married, since he had two children.[1]

Siege of Anvil GateEdit

Food and water were scarce, three months into the siege. There was a famine among the civilians, while the larger amount of rations was used for Gears to keep them capable of fighting. Raids on the rations store were frequent. One man was found having a pantry full of stolen COG rations, Geril Atar. Lt. Hoffman insisted that the man would be put to death, as an example to other civilians on what would be the consequences to stealing essential supplies. Food thefts needed to be stopped and Hoffman saw this as the only warning he could give to be taken seriously. Alderman Buyal Casani tried to convince Hoffman of Atar's desperation, because he was otherwise helplessly watching his children starve. Casani also said he would likely have done the same if he was in Atar's situation. However, Hoffman was determined to make a statement. Geril Atar had already been arrested and was brought to a small room, guarded by rifleman Bai Tak, one of the Pesanga who had volunteered.[2]

Atar's executionEdit

Lieutenant Hoffman at first insisted that Casani as the civil leader, would carry out Atar's execution. Arrived at the room where Atar was being held, Hoffman handed the Alderman his sidearm to do the job. Casani, however, had already refused to shoot one of his own people, calling Atar a neighbor and a friend. Hoffman took the sidearm back from Casani and placed the muzzle against Atar's head, saying the last legalities. For a brief moment, their eyes met, before Hoffman averted his' and pulled the trigger.[3]


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