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Article of the Month

Karn Render
"This grub, my army threw all we had at him. They called him Karn."
Garron Paduk describing Karn

General Karn was a vicious Locust commander who fought at the beginning of the Locust War, working alongside General RAAM to lead the Locust campaign against humanity on Sera's surface. Considered the most dangerous Locust the Coalition of Ordered Governments had ever faced by Damon Baird, Karn was the "conductor" of Emergence Day and responsible for the Fall of Gorasnaya. Karn later led an assault on the city of Halvo Bay six weeks after Emergence Day, where he met his end fighting against Kilo Squad.


Which Gears of War extended universe character would you like to see appear in a future game?

The poll was created at 20:07 on March 4, 2015, and so far 101 people voted.

Did you know...

  • … that originally Hoffman was going to die in Gears of War 3. He was supposed to come with you to get the submarine instead of Dizzy, and was going to die when you sailed off?
  • … that Karn was born as a malformed Theron Guard and was considered an outcast?
  • … that the small broken clock around Aaron Griffin's neck is stuck at 6:00, which is a reference to Ice-T's song 6 'N the Morning?
  • … that Jace Stratton was originally going to be voiced by Drake in Gears of War 3, but a scheduling conflict prevented him from working with Epic Games?

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