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Article of the Month

"What's the matter, worried that humankind finally evolved something crazier than a Raven jockey?"
"That's not biologically possible, sir.
— Col.Victor Hoffman and Lt.Mel Sorotki, on Hoffman going into battle against the Locust

Lieutenant Mel Sorotki was a King Raven pilot in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps. He piloted KR A-108 along with crew chief Lt.Nat Barber during the Evacuation of North Gate. During the Sinking of Jacinto at the end of Operation: Hollow Storm, Sorotki flew KR-239 with his co-pilot Lt.Kevan Mitchell, assisting Delta-One in flooding the Hollow and evacuating the city. Seven weeks later, he and Mitchell flew KR-239 to Vectes Naval Base, carrying an APC and supplies, helping to establish a foothold to move the COG to the island. He later participated in several battles during the Stranded Insurgency and the Lambent Pandemic, and helped scout the mainland to find several possible relocation spots for the collapsing COG.


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Did you know...

  • … that early on in Gears of War: Judgment's development Sofia Hendrik's and Garron Paduk's roles were originally switched; Sofia being a UIR refugee and Garron being an Onyx Guard Cadet. At the time both character's even had completely different names and ages but later on during development the writer decided to swap them because "it made more sense".
  • … that the Kryll were inspired by the Bioraptor creatures of the 2000 film Pitch Black. In Gears of War Act 2, Dominic Santiago makes a reference to the movie when he says "It's pitch black. No way we can get through."

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