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Available MerchandiseEdit

Action FiguresEdit

Main article: Gears of War Action Figures

After the success of Gears of War, Epic Games and NECA announced a partnership to create action figures based on the characters and enemies from the game. They have currently released 4 series with more to follow as the popularity continues to rise.


Gears of war and Mindzeye studios teamed up to create a series of diecast statues based on characters from the games. Other development studios like Project Triforce are creating life size replice weaponry for the Gears of War Universe.


  • Baseball cap (various styles)
  • Beanie hat (various styles)
  • Skull cap
  • Wristband
  • T-Shirts (various styles)


  • Messenger bags ( various styles)
  • COG tags
  • Lighter
  • Keyrings
  • Bracelet


  • A full sized replica of the Lancer


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