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Gears of War Flip Book #1
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Gears of War Flip Book #1 is a reprinting of issues #1 and #2 of the Hollow story arc of the Gears of War Comic Series. It features new variant cover art exclusive to this edition of print.

Official Press ReleaseEdit

GEARS OF WAR #1 and 2, the sold-out first two issues of the hot new series from WildStorm, are going back to press to be reprinted as the GEARS OF WAR FLIP BOOK #1.

The GEARS OF WAR FLIP BOOK #1 features two covers: a pencils-only version of Brandon Badeaux’s variant cover for issue #1, and a cover with the GEARS OF WAR logo in black on a red background.

The GEARS OF WAR FLIP BOOK #1 (NOV088120) is a 48-page comic scheduled to arrive in stores on February 11 with a cover price of $3.99 U.S. It has a Final Order Cutoff date of Thursday, January 22.[3]


The story begins with Delta-One's mission to the Pirnah Badlands to search for MIA Gears squads. We are introduced to Jace and Gil, new Gears in Delta. They search for Gears but only find one, Michael Barrick. Giving up on the search, Delta with Barrick in tow begin the journey to Jacinto. They stop overnight to camp and regain energy for the journey home with Dom and Marcus telling the others about the Lightmass Offensive. In the morning they pick up a distress beacon and head to check out if it's other Gears calling for help. It turns out to be a Locust ambush and during the firefight Gil is hit, Jace attempts to save his friend. Delta and Barrick fend off the Locust and then Boomers appear on the battlefield.

The firefight between Delta-One and the Locust continues with Jace trying to keep Gil alive. Barrick and Delta finish of the Locust but Gil sucumbs to his wounds and dies in Jace's arms. Delta returns to Jacinto and receive a weeks leave. Dom spends time talking to Anya about his wife whilst Jace returns to the orphanage he spent his child hood at. During his leave Marcus gets into a fight at a bar as he defends Anyas honor. They return to base to find they are to undertake reconnaissance of Montevado due to seismic activities. They are joined by Barrick who becomes a member of Delta. Whilst en route via Raven the Raven is attacked over the Dorado Hills, Nemacyst kill the Pilot and Jace has to take the controls to prevent an early end to Delta's mission.


  • The comic features two variant covers to the respective covers featured.
  • Both Covers are by Brandon Badeaux[4]

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