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Due to the success of the Gears of War video game, Epic games teamed up with NECA to create a series of highly detailed figures based upon characters and enemies from the series. They released ten series, as well as two series of figures available only at Toys R Us stores. In 2016, McFarlane Toys secured the rights to create future Gears of War figures.


All current Gears of War figures

Box ArtEdit

The first two series feature just the "Gears of War" graphic along the top of their box art, whereas series three to six feature "Gears of War 2" along the top of their box art. This was due to the fact that when series one was released, Gears of War 2 had not yet hit retail shelves. The "Gears of War 3" graphic appears on figures from series seven to nine with the "Gears of War Judgment" graphic being present on Series ten.

Where to BuyEdit

US- Gamestop, Online Retailers, Toys R Us

UK- Game, Gamestation, Comic Shop, Online retailers.

Gears of WarEdit

The Gears of War Action Figures series was released in August 2008 prior to the launch of Gears of War 2. The packaging features the wording from the Gears of War Box art.

Series One

Series Two

Series One Line up

Series One Action Figures

Gears of War 2Edit

Series three was released in March 2008 and features characters from Gears of War 2. Better articulation than previous figures was added to give the figures a more life like appearance. The two pack is the first released and features Marcus Fenix in a duel with a Locust Drone. Starting with series three the figures use new Gears of War 2 Boxart

Series Three

Series Four

Series Five

Series Six

Toys R Us Exclusive Series One

Gears of War 3Edit

NECA announced the release of the Gears of war 3 figures toyline which included members of delta squad. Series one was released mid-November with the announcement of series 2 right after.

Series OneEdit

Series TwoEdit

Series ThreeEdit

Toys R Us Exclusive Series TwoEdit

Gears of War: JudgmentEdit

NECA announced the release of the Gears of war Judgment figures toyline which so far includes Lieutenant Damon Baird. Series one released in March 2013.

Series OneEdit

Special EditionEdit

Carmine Exclusive

Carmine Exlcusive SDCC 2008

Special edition figures have been released since the figure ranges release. They feature minor characters and exclusive designs of existing ones. Many of these special editions are released at the San Diego Comic Con.

Special Multi-PacksEdit

During 2009 three two pack figures were released outside of the series launches. Two were Toys R Us exclusives and contained repackaged figures from earlier waves, whilst the third contained General RAAM and Lieutenant Kim. A Locust Hive Pack was also released in 2009, which contained four Locust with interchangeable heads.

In 2011, just before the release of Gears of War 3, a special Toys R Us exclusive was released, which featured Marcus Fenix and a Locust Grunt.

Gears of War 4Edit

In 2016, McFarlane Toys secured the rights to produce Gears of War figures from NECA. McFarlane Toys released a series of figures from Gears of War 4.

Batsu FiguresEdit

In Japanese, the symbol "batsu," like the English 'X' is used to show something wrong. Like when you get a strike on Family Feud, that's a batsu. For NECA, it's a whole new way of experiencing some of your favorite characters and lines, and we're starting with the three most popular Gears of War combatants in limited production runs (translation: get 'em while you can).

The highly stylized Batsu versions of Dom, Marcus and The Locust each stand over 5" tall, are poseable at the neck and shoulders and designed with urban vinyl in mind. They also have the Lancer accessory, and you'll know them when you see them because of the window box packaging.


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