Various Gears of War 3 Ribbons

Ribbons are a form of award system introduced in Gears of War 3. By performing certain actions, Ribbons are awarded each multiplayer round. They are tracked over time, all compiling into a player's statistics.

Ribbon FamiliesEdit


Killing Spree Kill 5 enemies without dying
Rampage Kill 10 enemies without dying
Unstoppable Kill 15 enemies without dying
Invincible Kill 20 enemies without dying
Godlike Kill 25 enemies without dying
Medic Revive 5 teammates in a round
Hat Trick Headshot 3 enemies in a row
Lumberjack Chainsaw 3 enemies in a row
Charge Bayonet Charge 3 enemies in a row
Helping Hand Assist a teammate(s) 5 times in a round
Downer Down 5 enemies in a round

Weapon & StyleEdit

First Blood

Get the first kill
Final Word Get the final kill
Coup de Grace Get the final kill with an execution
Swift Vengeance Kill the last enemy who killed you
Military Intelligence Mark 5 enemies who are then killed by someone else within ten seconds
Nemesis Kill the same enemy 5 times without dying
Retribution Kill your Nemesis
Grenade Hug Kill an enemy while you've been grenade-tagged
No Smoking Kill an enemy with a Smoke Grenade
Clusterluck Kill multiple enemies with a single Frag Grenade
Roadblock Kill a bayonet-charging enemy with the Sawed-Off
Oscar Mike Headshot a roadie running enemy
The Super Headshot a rolling enemy
Death from Beyond Kill an enemy while you're dead
Death from Above Kill multiple enemies with a single Hammer of Dawn blast
Mortarfied Kill multiple enemies with a single Mortar shot
Ole! Grenade tag a bayonet-charging enemy
Grenadier Have the most grenade kills
Pistoleer Have the most pistol kills
Kaboom! Kill multiple enemies with a single Sawed Off blast
Boombardier Kill multiple enemies with a single Boomshot shot
Trick Shot 1 Torque Bow headshot leading to a double kill

Hail Mary

Kill an enemy who is at least 200 feet away with the Boomshot
Sapper Star Kill an enemy by detonating their own planted grenade
FIFO Die first in the match

Last Man Out

Become the only surviving member of your team
Unlucky Bastard Be the only person killed on your team in a round
The Double Kill 2 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Triple Kill 3 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Quad Kill 4 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Quinn Kill 5 enemies within four seconds of each other
Negotiations Over Headshot an enemy who is holding a meatshield
Special Delivery Kill an enemy with a Bag-n-Tag
No, Wait! Kill a reloading enemy
So Close Get killed within one second of either dying or self-reviving
Clutch As the last man out, kill at least three enemies to win the round
Better Man Win a Sudden Death
Survivor Most Self-Revives in a round


Have the most points in a match
First to Fight Get the first kill in every round of a match
Final World Get the final kill in every round of a match
Evasive Take the least amount of damage
Methodical Execute 5 enemies in a round
Smooth Operator Get the highest Kill/Death Ratio in a match
Vigilant Win a match without dying with at least 10 kills


Get the most Executions in a match
Not So Fast Kill an enemy who is executing a teammate

Buttoned Up

Spend the most time in cover
Contender Have the most melee hits
Spray and Pray Have the most blindfire kills
Headhunter Have the most headshots
Team Player Have the most assists
Solid Have a positive Kill/Death Ratio
Clear! Have the most revives
Quick Clips Have the most active reloads
Tough Guy Die the least
Never Had a Chance Win every round of a match
Rough Day Die the most
Well Protected Be most revived member on your team
More Guts than Skill Kill yourself at least 3 times
Carmines Star Have the most headshot deaths
Guys? Hello? Spend the most time down but not out
Under the Radar Earn no other Ribbons
Pacifist Have more revives than kills
Stay Down Have more downs than kills
Never Surrender Come from defeat to win the match

Wingman MedalsEdit

Avenged Kill the enemy who killed your Partner
Rear Guard Survive every round in a Wingman match

King of the Hill MedalsEdit

Eyes on the Prize Earn the most points from the Hill
Sacrifice Break the Hill by yourself while downed
Dead Ringer Win a round of KotH by shutting out the enemy team
Top of the Hill Kill 5 enemies from inside the Hill
Ring King Capture the Hill at least 3 times in a round
Ring Breaker Break the Hill at least 3 times in a round

Capture the Leader MedalsEdit


As the Leader, never get captured in a round
Captiv-ating Capture the enemy Leader in a round
Lead by Example As the Leader, kill five enemies in a round
Secret Service Rescue your Leader the most
Want Something Done As the Leader, capture the enemy leader

Beast ModeEdit

Pop Goes the Weasel As a Ticker, kill 3 enemies with a single blast
Indigestion As a Wild Ticker, kill an enemy with a swallowed grenade
Monkey Dog As a Wretch, stun multiple enemies who are subsequently killed
Meatshop As a Butcher, kill 4 humans without dying
Team Shaman As a Kantus, heal 4 teammates at once
Team Savior As a Kantus, revive 3 teammates at once
Pillager Destroy 5 fortifications in a single round
Test Driver Use 5 different Locust in a single round
Antihero Kill 5 different heroes in a single round

Ready for the Heavies

Unlock the final tier of Locust
Just in Time Kill the last human with only 1 second left on the clock

Horde ModeEdit

Long Hauler Complete all 50 waves in a single sitting

Point Man

Earn the most cash in a wave

Combat Engineer

Build, repair, and or upgrade 5 fortifications during wave-half time


Establish a COG base
Financer Share $5000 with your team
Reconnaissance Spot 3 weapons which are subsequently picked up while you're dead
Observer Complete the wave with no kills
Phat Loot Complete a Bonus Objective
Last Hope Complete the wave as the only man alive
Go on Without Me Complete the wave as the only man dead
High ROI Kill 5 enemies with a bought-weapon
I Gotcha Revive all four of your teammates in a single wave
Like a Boss Complete a Boss Wave without going down or dying
Rope-a-Dope Kill 3 enemies who were distracted with a decoy

Arcade ModeEdit

Botanist Kill 5 Lambent Pods in a single chapter
Mech Jockey Kill 10 enemies with a Silverback in a single chapter or horde wave
Flyswatter Kill 5 Shriekers in a single arcade chapter or horde wave
Quick Kicker Kick 5 small enemies in a single chapter or horde wave
Pull! Kill a midair enemy who bursted out of the ground in a single chapter

Number 1

Have the most points in an Arcade chapter
Pruner Sever 5 Lambent Drudge arms in a single chapter or horde wave
Pig Sticker Kill 4 Formers in a single bayonet-charge
Ace Have the most kills in a chapter
Hand Holder Have the most revives in a chapter
Wingman Have the most assists in a chapter
Stockpiler Take the most ammo in the chapter
Conservationist Take the least ammo in the chapter
Dewormer Kill 3 Lambent Headsnakes in a single chapter or horde wave
Priority Target Have the most points from a single kill in a chapter
On Your Feet, Soldier Complete the chapter without going down


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