The Gears of War 2: Dark Corners or "Dark Corners" DLC is the fourth downloadable map pack for Gears of War 2. This pack was released on the 28th of July 2009 costing 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 (US)) on Xbox Live Marketplace. The price was later dropped to 560 Microsoft Points. The pack contains seven multiplayer maps, as well as a deleted Campaign chapter. The seven maps are: Allfathers Garden, Memorial, Sanctuary, War Machine, Highway, Way Station, and Nowhere. The Campaign chapter takes place during the Act 4: Hive and is entitled: Road to Ruin.

Multiplayer ContentEdit

Allfathers GardenEdit

Main article: Allfathers Garden

Don’t get caught up in the beauty—the sacred grounds of the Coalition founders can be a tremendously deadly place. Powerful weapons catalyze fast and furious action at this COG landmark.


Main article: Memorial

It’s all about the heavy weaponry in Memorial, set near the Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Take a moment to remember your fallen comrades before using your flanking and evasive skills to take control of the Boomshot and the battle.


Main article: Sanctuary

Tight paths, blind corners, and an arsenal of weapons—the Locust-ravaged temple in Sanctuary is no longer the haven of reflection and remembrance it once was.

War MachineEdit

Main article: War Machine

In this abandoned train station, players need to master the Longshot, Mulcher, and Boomshot to gain control of the map. With spawn points on opposite sides and a symmetrical layout, players can choose to lay low in the trench or gain high ground on the upper platform. This map remade from Gears Of War.


Main article: Highway (Map)

Take the fight deep into the Locust Hollow in the complex passages of this underground highway system. Stick together, separate the enemy, and have an exit strategy ready, or it’ll be a one-way trip.

Way StationEdit

Main article: Way Station

In the limbo between death and “processing,” you'll find Locust way stations like this one, filled with COG soldiers. Tread lightly and practice patience—it’s best to sacrifice firepower for stealth while navigating this minefield of hidden grenades.


Main article: Nowhere

Set in the middle of the desert, Nowhere is exactly how it sounds: barren and devoid of life. The open air and long lines of sight prove useful for Longshot devotees, but expect some fierce, close combat in the stairwell.

Single Player ContentEdit

Road to RuinEdit

Main article: Road to Ruin

In this deleted scene, Marcus and Dom return to the Locust Hollow (Act 4: Hive) in an action-packed encounter that can be played guns blazing or silent and stealthy.


  • Sanctuary was initially a Gears of War PC map.[1]
  • War Machine was initially a Gears of War map.[2]


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  2. Gears of War

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