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Gears of War: Unsaid


Date Released

15th June 2011

US price


Preceded By

Gears of War: Unseen

Followed By

Gears of War: Promise Me

Gears of War: Unsaid is issue #17 of the Gears of War: Comic Series and is a stand-alone issue. It was released in June 2011.

Official Wildstorm SummaryEdit

Best-selling author Karen Traviss continues to explore the years prior to "Emergence Day." It's the end of boot camp and the start of the real war for new recruits Marcus Fenix and Carlos Santiago. Marcus immediately establishes his reputation as a hard-charging Gear and natural leader, while his father struggles for a breakthrough in his orbital laser research, codenamed Hammer of Dawn.[2]

Plot SummaryEdit



Crimson Omen
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