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Gears of War: The Slab
  • Simon & Schuster (Gallery Books)[1]


Date Released

May 1, 2012[1]

Preceded By

Gears of War: Coalition's End

Gears of War: The Slab[1] is the fifth and final book in the Gears of War novel series.[1] It focuses on Marcus Fenix's time in the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, and reveals more backstory on him, Victor Hoffman, Adam Fenix, and many other characters.[2]

Product DescriptionEdit


Ten years after Emergence DayLocust Horde advances on humanity’s last defended area—Ephyra—in a bloody war that has seen billions die, Marcus Fenix does the unthinkable: he defies orders and abandons his post during a critical battle in a bid to rescue his father, weapons scientist Adam Fenix. But Adam is buried in the rubble during a ferocious assault on the Fenix mansion, and Ephyra falls to the enemy. Marcus, grieving for a father everyone believes is dead, is court-martialed for dereliction of duty and sentenced to forty years in the Coalition of Ordered Government's brutal maximum security prison, known simply as the Slab.

But Adam is very much alive, snatched from the destruction by the elite Onyx Guard on Chairman Richard Prescott's orders. He’s now a long way from home and in a prison of his own—a COG doomsday bunker on the tropical island of Azura, a place hidden from the rest of Sera since the Pendulum Wars. His own guilty secret has been exposed: Adam knew the Locust existed deep below the surface of Sera long before Emergence Day, and were being driven from their tunnels by a lethal parasite known as the Lambent. Now he has to find a way to destroy the Lambent while the dwindling COG forces fight to hold back a growing Locust army that’s threatening to overrun the city.

As Adam struggles to find redemption in his comfortable island jail, Marcus seeks his own atonement in the squalid, closed world within the Slab’s granite walls. While Dom Santiago and Anya Stroud fight to get him released, ready to make any sacrifice to free him, Marcus gradually finds unexpected kinship among Sera’s most dangerous criminals—and a way to carry on his personal war against the Locust.[3]

Plot SummaryEdit

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The book first starts ten years after Emergence Day inside the troop-bay of a King Raven occupied by Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Jace Stratton and Tai Kaliso who discuss the direction of the war. Piloted by a Gear named Rothesay, Bravo Squad's helicopter flies toward a team from the 3rd Ephyran Engineers unit who are finishing up the last touches on sealing a third Locust tunnel with cement. On the way, Bravo spots a quickly-advancing Locust unit heading the engineers' way. When Rothesay makes contact with the engineers and informs them of the incoming Locust, Captain Shaw (the leader of the engineers) explains the importance of his team's current assignment which would leave the Coalition of Ordered Governments capital Ephyra open to attack if left unfinished. Marcus prepares to physically drag Shaw to the King Raven but Shaw accidently stumbles into a rapidly-filling crater of liquid cement as the Locust start firing upon them. The liquid cement starts filling the crater, threatening to kill Shaw. Despite his best attempts to save Shaw, Marcus was unable to save the captain before he drowned in the cement, forcing Bravo to retreat.


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