Gears of War: Sourcebook
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Joshua Ortega


Liam Sharp





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June 17th 2009

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The Gears of War: Sourcebook holds a collection of images from artists from the comic book industry and a story from Joshua Ortega on the inner struggle of Dominic Santiago.

Official Wildstorm SummaryEdit


One of the pin up art.

A great jumping-on point for new readers! We've gathered together some of the most enthusiastic fans of the mega-popular Gears of War franchise and developed a unique look at this complex and challenging world. Featuring a short story written by Gears 2 game writer (and monthly comic scribe) Joshua Ortega and art by rising superstar Federico Dallocchio. There are also loads of pinups by some of the hottest names in the industry, bringing gritty reality to this incredible property!

One DayEdit

Main article: Gears of War: One Day

A special unnumbered chapter of the Gears of War: Comic Series. This short story shines some insight on the inner struggles of Dominic Santiago as an encounter with the Stranded brings back harrowing memories of the events of E-Day.


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