Ribbons are a form of award system in Gears of War: Judgment. By performing certain actions, Ribbons are awarded each multiplayer round. They are tracked over time, all compiling into a player's statistics. There are a total of 108 ribbons in Gears of War: Judgment.

Ribbon FamiliesEdit


Spree Killed 5 opponents or enemies without dying
Rampage Killed 10 opponents or enemies without dying
Unstoppable Killed 15 opponents or enemies without dying
Invincible Killed 20 opponents or enemies without dying
The Unicorn Killed 25 opponents or enemies without dying
Hat Trick Scored 3 headshots in a row without dying
Lumberjack Chainsawed 3 opponents or enemies in a row
Charge! Retro charged 3 opponents or enemies in a row
Executive Assistant Assisted 10 kills in a round
Death Blossom Killed 5 consecutive opponents or enemies while blindifring
Opportunity Knocks Killed 10 players while they took damage from another player
Ew, Sticky Killed 5 players with a direct sticky grenade hit
Fire Walk With Me Killed 5 players with fire without dying

Weapon & StyleEdit

MVP Highest point total for the match
First Blood Earned the first kill of the round
F.I.F.O. First to die in a round
The Double Killed 2 opponents quickly in a row
The Triple Killed 3 opponents quickly in a row
The Quad Killed 4 opponents quickly in a row
The Grayson Killed 5 opponents quickly in a row
Nemesis Killed the same opponent 5 times
Retribution Killed your nemesis
Vengeance Is Yours Revenge-killed your last killer
In the Black More kills than deaths in a match
Shut It Down! Ended an opponent's kill streak
William Tell Overture 1 Torque Bow headshot, followed by a direct hit kill
You're It! Tagged grenade kill from over 50 feet
Clusterluck Killed multiple opponents or enemies with one grenade
Takin' You with Me Killed an opponent or an enemy after being grenade tagged
Ole! Grenade tagged a Retro charging opponent
Boombardier Killed multiple enemies with a single Boomshot blast
Hail Mary Boomshot kill from over 100 feet
Nothin' but Bits Killed multiple enemies with one Sawed-Off Shotgun blast
Roadblock Stopped a Retro charge with the Sawed-Off Shotgun
Military Intelligence 3 opponents spotted ending in a kill
Oscar Mike Killed a Roadie Running opponent or enemy with a headshot
Headless Evadesman Killed an evading opponent or enemy with a headshot
Death from Beyond Killed an opponent or an enemy after you have died
Death from Above Killed multiple opponents with a single HOD blast
No, Wait! Killed a player while they reloaded
Special Delivery Killed an opponent with a bag & tag
Team Player Most assists in a match
Coup de Grace Final kill of the match
Flawless Victory Won a match with no deaths and 10+ kills
Smooth Operator Highest K/D ratio in a match
Artful Dodger Fewest deaths in a match
Rough Day Most deaths in a match
Evasive Least damage taken in a match
Contender Most melee hits in a match
Spray and Pray Most blindfire kills in a match
Headmaster Most headshot kills in a match
Carmine's Star Most headshot deaths in a match
Grenadier Most grenade kills in a match
Sureshot Most pistol kills in a match
Participant Earned no other ribbons in a match
Close Shave Won a match with a margin of 1
Born Leader Stay in the lead for the entire match
Codependent Killed multiple opponents with a grenade stuck to the player

Domination MedalsEdit

Capper Most points captured in a match
Breaker Breaker Most capture points broken
Dominator Won a match with all three points captured

Free For All MedalsEdit

Gold 1st in a Free For All match
Silver 2nd in a Free For All match
Bronze 3rd in a Free For All match

OverRun/Survival ModeEdit

Pop Goes the Weasel Blew up 3 enemies at once (Ticker)
Indigestion Killed an enemy with a swallowed grenade (Ticker)
Stunner Multiple enemies you stunned were killed (Wretch)
Team Shaman Healed 4 teammates at once (Kantus)
Team Savior Revived 3 teammates at once (Kantus)
Homewrecker Destroyed 5 fortifications in one round
Sample Platter Played as 5 different Locust in a round
Point Monster Earned the most points in the round while playing as Locust
Right Place, Right Time Killed 5 Locust with your well placed Sentry
Tunnel Rat Dug under a COG fortification and damaged the objective
Battering Ram Dealt 50% of damage to the generator in one round of OverRun
Oakley Kicked a Ticker and shoot it out of the air
Beg Your Pardon Chainsawed a Kantus while it was healing
One Beast Army Destroy all 3 objectives in an OverRun round
Spotter 5 Spot Grenade tagged enemies killed in a round of OverRun
HMO Restored 20,000 points of health to you teammates
Chain of Command Killed 5 enemies debuffed by a Scout
Iron Curtain Protected the generator for 10 minutes
Survivor Completed all 10 waves of a Survival match
Grenade Feeder Fed 3 tickers a grenade
Insatiable Ate 10 grenades
One More Thing... Killed multiple players with a frag grenade while DBNO
Tree House Predator Killed a Scout on a perch
Stay Down Melee-killed a Wretch while it's climbing
Brute Force Melee-killed a Corpser while it's attacking an objective
Paving The Way Destroyed a sentry while burrowed
That Loving Healing Healed a Kantus who is healing another team member
Scoutmaster Headshotted a Scout with the Breechshot
Nice Try Won a chainsaw duel against a buffed Medic
Spinning Plates Gibbed 3 COG with a single Spin-Shield use
Slaughterhouse Killed a COG with reflected bullets
Nick Of Time Destroyed the objective with 10 seconds remaining

Campaign MedalsEdit

Nice Suit Killed 10 enemies with a Silverback
And the Kick Is Up! Kicked 5 small enemies
Pull! Killed a ground bursting enemy in the air
Plug That Hole Close an E-Hole with explosives
Flamebroiled Killed 3 enemies in a row with the Scorcher
Rage Denied Killed an enraged Rager with a melee attack
Shish-kashot Killed at least two enemies with a single OneShot round
None Shall Pass Killed 10 enemies in a row with Troika, Chaingun or Mulcher
I'm Your Huckleberry Killed 5 enemies in a row with any type of pistol
Once More Unto The Breach Killed 5 enemies in a row with the Breechshot
It's A Trap Killed multiple enemies with a single Tripwire Crossbow shot
Can I Kick It? Mantle kicked 5 enemies resulting in a kill

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