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Gears of War: Hollow Part Four
Hollow issue four




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March 2009

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Gears of War: Hollow Part Three

Followed By

Gears of War: Hollow Part Five

Gears of War: Hollow Part Four is issue #4 of the Gears of War: Comic Series and is the fourth of six issues that make up the Hollow story arc. It was released in March 2009.

Official Wildstorm SummaryEdit

The monthly series based on the best-selling Xbox 360 game continues! After a nasty reception at Montevado, the members of Delta Squad find themselves in a fight for their very existence against overwhelming Locust forces! Will Sigma Squad, led by Augustus "Cole Train" Cole, reach them in time? And will they find the cause of the mysterious seismic disturbances rocking the area?[3]


Delta begins to flee from the Brumak as they do not have the firepower to take it out. Just when the Brumak closes on them Cole comes out of nowhere firing upon it. This distracts the Brumak and allows Delta to flee back to the APC. Both Sigma and Delta then lure the Brumak to a valley and trick it into firing bringing the walls of the valley down on top of it. Delta and Sigma then make camp for the night reminiscing on old times. Cole then discovers some abandoned COG Bikes which will allow Delta to continue to Montevado. Marcus makes sigma take Lily back to Jacinto with them. Delta proceeds to Montevado arriving at night. It seems deserted and Delta splits up to search for clues. Both groups are ambushed by Wretches which are easily defeated. Montevado then sinks right beneath Delta's feet.



Crimson Omen
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