"I saw them. I saw them from my office window. These huge things like spiders burst out of the ground and just rolled right over the armored vehicles."
— Garyth, describing to Bernadette Mataki the Locust's attack on Kaia

Garyth was a civilian who lived on Kaia in the South Islands.


Escape from the LocustEdit

Six months after Emergence Day, the Locust began their assault on the South Islands, attacking Kaia. Garyth saw the Locust emerge from underground from his office window, and witnessed Corpsers destroying Gear units and armored vehicles. He learned that Autrin and Jasper had been attacked and destroyed, and that the Coalition of Ordered Governments army was evacuating everyone to the north of the island. Garyth decided that it would be safer to try to escape to Noroa by sea, and took his wife and two kids to his yacht at the marina. He had no idea how to navigate it at sea, but was determined to save his family and escape the Locust. After three weeks of sailing, he spotted a trawler, and the ship’s captain, Gabby, contacted him and led him to Port Slaughterhouse. As he docked his yacht on the pier, he saw a large crowd waiting on the docks. He was reluctant to leave his ship until he knew it was safe, and went to the railing and asked if the island was Noroa. The civilians' leader, Dan Barrett, told him it was Galangi, and Sgt. Bernadette Mataki asked him what it was like on Kaia. He told her about how the cities were falling and the army was getting overrun. Dan told him it would be okay now, and that they needed to make themselves at home on Galangi now, because they were stranded.[1]


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