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Gary Carmine
Biographical information
Date of birth


Physical description and equipment





Mask, Blue Goggles, Blue Jacket

Chronological and political information
"Nice shot, kid."
Oscar Diaz to Carmine, after he shot down a Kestrel

Gary Carmine[1] was a member of the Carmine Family who was a member of the Outsiders.


Gary Carmine joined a group of Outsiders lead by Reyna Diaz in 41 A.E. Oscar Diaz, Reyna's brother-in-law, taught Gary everything he knew about combat.

Gary was manning a turret when JD, Kait, Del, and Oscar acquired a Fabricator from Settlement 5 and brought it back to the village. First Minister Jinn sent her personal Shepherd, accompanied by a Kestrel, to talk with Reyna because of the raid on the Settlement. After Jinn's negotiation's went sour, Gary destroyed the Kestrel before it could do any damage.

In preparation for Jinn's DeeBee assault on the village, Gary manned a turret on the exterior wall, and destroyed the first Condor that came in. However, a second Condor dropped DeeBee drop pods directly onto the wall, destroying the turret and the section of the wall, while Gary Carmine was tossed into an unknown location or squashed. It is unknown if Gary survived this; if he did, it is likely he was taken by a Snatcher that night and podded with the rest of the villagers.

He sports a tattoo of the same model helmet worn by Clayton Carmine on his right bicep.




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