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Paduk edit
Garron Paduk
Biographical information

Republic of Gorasnaya

Date of birth

Before Emergence Day

Physical description and equipment
  • Major (Formerly)
  • Private





6'1" ft. [1]

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
"You have no idea what you're up against."
— Paduk warning Ezra Loomis about Karn's presence in Halvo Bay over the radio.[2]

Garron Paduk was a Private in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army and a member of Kilo Squad. During the Pendulum Wars he served as a Major[3] in a militia unit for the Union of Independent Republics in his homeland of Gorasnaya. After the Locust assault on Gorasnaya, Paduk and some of his fellow countrymen were rescued by COG naval forces, and he joined them to take revenge upon the Locust Horde, but also as a means of getting himself out of prison. [4]


Pendulum WarsEdit

Paduk served as a Major in the Republic of Gorasnaya militia for the Union of Independent Republics during the Pendulum Wars. During the war, he was caught in the blast of a Lightmass Missile, which left him with horrible burns across at least his face and arms.

Locust WarEdit

Emergence DayEdit

"This grub, my army threw all we had at him. They called him Karn."
— Paduk telling command about General Karn

When the Locust emerged shortly after the rest of the UIR had surrendered to the COG, Gorasnaya was devastated early in the war. Paduk and some of his fellow Gorasni were rescued by the Coalition of Ordered Governments navy, however, as his home nation of Gorasnaya refused to surrender at the end of the Pendulum Wars, Paduk was originally considered to be a Prisoner of War by the COG. But after demanding that he had a right to fight the Locust and claim revenge for their attack on Gorasnaya, he became the charter member of the COG's Open Arms Program for former enemy combatants willing to fight the Locust and was given the rank of Private.[5]

Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

After swearing an oath of allegiance to the COG, Paduk was assigned to Kilo Squad and served under the command of Lt.Damon Baird. He fought with them against the Locust during the defense of Halvo Bay. Along with the rest of Kilo, he was put on trial for desertion and insubordination. [6]

Museum of Military GloryEdit

Paduk and the rest of Kilo Squad were sent to meet with a convoy at the Old Town district, as they headed towards the convoy they met heavy Locust resistance through the alleyways of the district. They discovered that the convoy had been wiped out and found more Locust around the area, along with Lambent Wretches. After reporting the situation to Col. Ezra Loomis he ordered them to head to the Museum of Military Glory which was under siege by the Locust. Paduk and the others entered a basement that led to the river walk district in order to avoid the Locust onslaught outside. As they made it through the basement Paduk commented it would be a nice headquarter for the UIR and claimed that the Markza rifle was not a weapon but a comrade.

After discovering that Hammer of Dawn strikes had been authorized in the area, Kilo quickly dispatched a large Locust force guarding the riverwalk and managed to escape in the nick of time. After scavenging some Hammerbursts and Sawed-Off Shotguns they entered the museum gardens to find out that the Gears outside the Museum had already been killed. They took out several Kantus monks, amongs other Locust and secured the balcony. They later fended off the Locust reinforcements and entered the Museum.

Defending the MuseumEdit
" Courtesy of your big boom."
— Paduk explaining the origin of his scars.

As they entered the Museum they searched for survivors. The remaining Onyx Guards were surprised that they were relieved by normal Gears. Sofia stepped up and said that she was but the commanding officer told her she was not and that she was merely cadet, which caused Paduk to laugh much to Sofia's anger. They officer ordered them to stay there and to guard the Great Hall. After they left Paduk and the others installed several Auto-Turrets and Grenade traps. As the Locust spawned from E-Holes, Nemacyst came through the windows and gave air support. After two waves, Paduk and the rest of Kilo received a call for help from Black-Four who were being beaten badly at the East Wing of the Museum. To get there Paduk and the others had to pass through the Kashkur Wing, where they met heavy resistance from several Cyclops Drones but managed to repel them.

They found the remaining Black-Four members inside the East Wing and ordered them to hold it while they fought off the Locust outside of the Museum. Paduk and the others set up many traps and defenses inside the room to protect Nassar Embry's armor from a large Locust force. After fending off two waves they spotted a large Locust outside of the Museum, when Baird asked what was it Paduk stated that it was the end of Halvo Bay. When Baird commented that there was only one way out Paduk remarked that there were two and one involved dying.

Baird, wanting to know what that creature was, asked Paduk if he knew anything about it, Pauk stated that the only intel he had for him was to stay away from it. As they entered the Archives Room they found strange bug like eggs on the walls and proceeded to destroy them as they didn't want "grub" laid eggs. They soon found out what had been laying eggs inside the room when a Giant Serapede appeared in front of them. They destroyed 2 Serapedes and 10 egg clutches to stop them from hatching before entering the diCordia Archive room where they fought more Serapedes and some Locust reinforcements. After dealing with the Locust headed for the Vaults, as they reached the entrance they found a redesigned Locust Markza rifle and Paduk was shocked to see his army's weapon on Locust hands.

After that they entered the Vaults of the Museum but a large cloud of dust blocked their vision and had a though time fending wave after wave of Locust before finally escaping. After exiting the vaults the Gears made contact with Loomis and informed him that all other Gears inside the Museum had been killed by an unknown Locust riding a Monster. Loomis ordered them to kill the grub and to protect the Museum, Paduk intervened and informed Loomis that he had previously fought the creature and its master and that his people had named him Karn, he mentioned that they had been involved during the Destruction of Goranaya. He stated that his army had thrown all they had at him, Sofia broke in and suggested to use the Lightmass Missile on Karn but Loomis quickly ordered her to leave strategy to men with bars and dismissed any information provided by Paduk and ordered them to kill Karn and the Shibboleth and to not contact him again until doing so, however they suddenly lost communication with him as an army of Locust, led by Karn headed to the Museum, with Karn personally killing one of the Onyx Guards personally with his Shibboleth. Cole asked how did the Missile worked to Sofia, she remarked that it was classified but that there was one at Halvo Bay and that she knew the inventor because he taught at the academy and that it was located at a silo at Onyx Point. Baird agreed but Paduk thought it could burn the entire city because he had previously seen its explosion at Gorasnaya, but Sofia remarked that it was a low yield Missile, but that Elliot had stopped working at it after the Hammer of Dawn was completed. She explained that to launch the missile they would need the targeting beacon, the launch codes, personally activating the missile on-site and to get all of that approved by command. Paduk tried to contact control and to inform them about their plan, when he asked for any objections he received static and guessed that since no one objected they had authorization with Baird stating that it worked for him and ordered Sofia to lead them to the Academy.

Halvo Bay Military AcademyEdit
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Seahorse HillsEdit
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Onyx PointEdit
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Rescuing Omega-TwoEdit
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Loomis' TribunalEdit

Paduk and the rest were later taken into custody by Loomis and the Onyx Guard. As they entered the courthouse Loomis stated that they were denied the right to an attorney and could not question his authority, Paduk then asked him if they couldn't ask why he was charging them at the moment, Loomis later remarked that once the tribunal ended he would issue a fair and swift verdict and that their charges would be defined as he heard their testimony. He ordered Baird to be the first to proceed and recounted their mission at the Museum of Military Glory. He finished recounting Kilo's decision to head to the Halvo Bay Military Academy. During Loomis' Tribunal the Locust broke into the hall where the proceedings were taking place. Kilo Squad took cover as their weapons had been taken from them. Paduk looked up from his cover to see that Loomis had been grabbed and taken as a meat shield by a Locust. Paduk quickly retrieved a Longshot that had been dropped by a Drone Sniper that had been killed by one of the few Onyx Guards in the hall. Paduk took aim and shot the Drone in the head after deciding for a second who to shoot. Loomis stared down to see Paduk with the Longshot and was surprised by Paduk's choice.

Finishing KarnEdit
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"My congratulations."
— Paduk after hearing about Baird's demotion to Private

Lambent PandemicEdit

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"You wanna know what happened to Sofia? Kidnapped while she was out on patrol. I watched it happen through my scope. I was only able to kill one of them. You wanna stay friends? Let's never see each other again."
— Garron revealing Sofia's fate to Baird before leaving their ship

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Don't worry. Once this war is over, we can go back to trying to kill each other. Like normal people."
— Paduk assuring Baird that he's not offended by the remains of a Pendulum Wars victory parade[7]

Garron Paduk was a rebellious man during his time with the COG, bitter and resentful of them following the Pendulum Wars, joining the COG as a means of getting revenge on the Locust above all else, and made no effort to hide his still present hatred of the Coalition. He had a strong hatred of Colonel Loomis in particular. When questioned on whether or not he faced him as Major Paduk of the UIR or Private Paduk of the COG he stated that he was "which ever one you like less." Even after killing Karn and getting his revenge, Paduk refused to shake Loomis' hand when he offered it. During his time with Kilo Squad he showed fervent pride in the UIR, happily using any of their weapons found in the field.

Years after Halvo, Paduk is shown to have returned there as a member of a community made up of former COG and UIR soldiers who refused to fight for their sides, but refused to consider themselves Stranded. His hatred of the COG was cemented when Sofia was kidnapped by men, one of whom he found to be a Gear. Despite his friendship with Baird this led him to ultimatly refuse to see him again after their second meeting at Halvo Bay.

He was a man of his word, refusing to meet with the survivors of his camp until he gave Baird the ship he promised. Due to his poor upbringing in Gorasnaya, he became hateful of rich people, viewing them as "fools". While looking for Kurt Elliot's mansion in Seahorse Hills, he became aware of the fact that Sofia had an affair with the professor but stated he didn't judge people, leading one to believe he doesn't take things for granted. He also seemed to enjoy the torture of POWs during the Pendulum Wars, and wanted to take his time with the fatally-injured General Karn.

Paduk was proud of his service in the UIR army, something made clear by his painting his blue COG armor green to better resemble his old UIR armor. He was often openly elated to find UIR weaponry in the field.

Notable QuotesEdit

"It's not a gun, it's a comrade!"
— Paduk to Lt. Damon S. Baird upon finding a Markza
"What have they done to my Markza?!"
— Paduk's reaction to finding a Breechshot
"Another rich idiot filled his garden with sentry guns. Whoever he was, I hope they died screaming."
— Paduk remarking on the presence of laser fences and auto-sentries in Seahorse Hills during his testimony
"You Gorasni's weren't known for treating prisoners very well. I'm sure you know nothing about it."
"Oh I wouldn't say that.
— Paduk and Col. Ezra Loomis after the former was beaten by several Onyx Guard

Behind the ScenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • Garron Paduk is one of the starting default characters in Gears of War: Judgment's multiplayer.
  • In Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer, Garron Paduk (Aftermath) can be unlocked by requiring the player to have beaten the Aftermath campaign.
  • In OverRun, Paduk represents the COG Scout, a character who starts out with a loaded Markza rifle and a Snub Pistol as his secondary. His defining ability is to throw debuffing Beacon Grenades and taking the high ground by climbing into elevated perches accessible only to him.

Garron Concept
Early concept art of Garron Paduk.
ParasidianAdded by Parasidian



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