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"Gamma-Three, successfully deployed."
— A member of Gamma-Three after dropping into the Hollow

Gamma-Three was a Gear squad that took part in a mission to the Lethia Imulsion Facility and Operation: Hollow Storm.

Squad HistoryEdit

Lethia Imulsion FacilityEdit

At some point, Gamma-Three went on a mission to the Lethia Imulsion Facility, where Pvt. Mitchell Gaynor went missing.[1]

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

During Operation: Hollow Storm, Gamma-Three was a six-man squad that dropped into the Hollow. Their grindlifts went through a body of water, but Sgt. Marcus Fenix heard them report that they deployed safely a few seconds later.[2]

Known MembersEdit


Pvt.Gaynor missing person ad

Pvt. Mitchell Gaynor

Current Status: MIA

Mitchell Gaynor was a Gear who went missing at the Lethia Imulsion Facility while part of Gamma-Three.


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