Memorial garden

The memorial garden before Emergence Day.

"Rest in peace, and fear not."
— A traditional inscription on COG war graves[1]

The humans of Sera held a practice of burying and cremating their dead in a funeral process. In the years before E-Day, humans mainly buried their dead but after the E-day attacks, cremation became a norm.[2]


Memorialinscription-2--article image

Inscription: In Honor Of Those Who Served

Pre-E-Day Remembrance of the FallenEdit

"To all those we lost during the Pendulum Wars, may they rest in peace, and know always that their brave sacrifices were not in vain. Never shall they be forgotten."
— Memorial at Landown

During the Pendulum Wars, many good Gears were lost in the war for Imulsion. Great monuments were erected to men and women who lost their lives, from the Tomb of the Unknowns to the monument dedicated to the lives lost at the Siege of Anvil Gate. Some graves were plain and simple, like for Staff Sergeant Grame J and Carlos Santiago. The greatest monument was the Tomb of the Unknowns. Untold numbers of Gears, from Generals to Privates, were buried here. All were viewed the same; as soldiers dying for the COG. Some of their remains were impossible to identify but gained the greatest honor. In the city of Landown, a massive military cemetery was put in place to honor the men and women who gave their lives in the war.

After E-DayEdit

"May your ashes never touch the ground."
— Unknown Stranded to a fallen Gear

Since the E-Day attack, space for burying the dead became scarce, especially in Stranded control areas.

Since the E-day attack, space for burying the dead became limited, especially in Stranded controlled areas and Jacinto.[3] Therefore, cremation became a norm, especially since the Locust were underground and humans refused to bury their dead in the same soil that their enemies live in.[3] The COG government honor every hero they can just like during the Pendulum Wars, but their sacrifice was different: instead of dying for the COG or Imulsion, they died for humanity. Even in short supplies during the Locust War, the COG occasionally erect murals (including one for Gunnar Petterseen).


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