Biographical information


Date of birth

Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

Physical description and equipment

Major (retired)





  • "Short brass-topped parade stick"
Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Coalition of Ordered Governments

"Fenix is here because society is formed from people pulling together, not breaking away into separate groups. Unity. Because no man can exist on his own. No country can, either. That's why we have the Coalition of Ordered Governments."
— Major Fuller, explaining to his class the foundations of COG society

Major Fuller was a veteran of the Pendulum Wars, as well as a math teacher at Olafson Intermediate School, after retiring from the army.


Gear Soldier During the Pendulum WarsEdit

During the Pendulum Wars, Fuller served as a Gear soldier and achieved the rank of Major before retiring.[1]

Math Teacher at Olafson Intermediate SchoolEdit

After he retired, Fuller became the math teacher at Olafson Intermediate School. Twelve years before Emergence Day, he introduced a young Marcus Fenix to his classmates, which included Carlos Santiago. When one student asked why Fenix was there since his family was rich, Fuller became irritated and gave the class a speech about unity, and about what the COG stands for and their duty as citizens.[2]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Fuller ran his class like it was the COG Army, and routinely gave his class speeches about unity and the values of the COG. He also carried around a short brass-topped parade stick, which he used during his speeches about the COG and its ideals and values for deliberate dramatic effect.[3]


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