Dorado Hills

Date Founded

Shortly after Emergence Day

"Remember soldier... we call this place "Fucked" for a reason."
Jonboy, to Sgt. Marcus Fenix when Pvt. Jace Stratton recommended they take Lily with them

Fucked was a Stranded camp between the Dorado Hills and Montevado. The camp was set up after Emergence Day ended.



Jonboy welcomes Delta-One to Fucked.


Shortly after Emergence Day, a group of Stranded established Fucked.[1]

14 Years after E-DayEdit

Since the Lightmass Offensive, Fucked had been repeatedly raided by a group of Drones. Several of the residents, including Blake and Emma, went to the city of Montevado to get help, but never returned. When Delta-One crash landed near the camp and sought shelter, they repelled and killed the group of Drones. In return for killing the Drones, Delta-One got the Stranded's Junker as transport to get to Montevado.[1]

Notable ResidentsEdit


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