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Frederic Benten
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Unknown; in seventies or eighties[1]

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

"Ma'am. Corporal Frederic Benten. We still know how to follow orders."
— Benten, reporting to Lt. Anya Stroud to volunteer to help defend Pelruan

Corporal Frederic Benten was a retired Gear who had served in the Duke of Tollen's Regiment, and lived in Pelruan with several other veterans of the unit.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Benten served in the Duke of Tollen's Regiment during the Pendulum Wars, and retired at the rank of Corporal. He hated the Gorasni for what they did to fellow Gears in the Tollen Regiment that were captured and put in the prison camp at Ramascu.[2]

Battle of PelruanEdit

"We won't fight alongside them. I mean it. They can die. We'll do this alone."
— Benten, refusing to fight alongside the Gorasni

When a Lambent Leviathan attacked Pelruan, Benten and several other retired Gears from the Duke of Tollen's reported to Lt. Anya Stroud, commander of Coalition of Ordered Governments forces in the town. He offered their services to help defend the city, and Anya ordered him and his men to assist a group of Gorasni soldiers who were going to hold the frontline. Benten was uncomfortable about fighting alongside the Gorasni, but accepted the assignment and went back to the other veterans to tell them what they were supposed to do. They were placed under the command of Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, but when the battle began, Benten declared that he couldn't defend the Gorasni, and fell out of line to move into a position to fight the advancing Polyps without supporting the Gorasni. The rest of the veterans began to follow suit, but Bernie ordered them to fall back into line. She threatened to kill Benten if he didn't, but he continued to refuse. When she reminded him that he was still a Gear, and that it was his duty to support those men no matter who they were, Benten relented, and fell back into line to defend the Gorasni with the rest of the veterans.[3] After KR-239 managed to kill the Leviathan, the remaining Polyps were defeated. Benten reported to Anya that the area he and the other veterans they were defending was clear, and she thanked him and his fellow veterans for their help.[4]


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