Entrance to the Stranded settlement.

Franklin's outpost[1] nicknamed New Ephyra[2], was a Stranded settlement in Ephyra city, located on the intersection of 8th street and Oldston street.[3] It was built like a fortress, with entrances and exits blocked by heavy metal doors made from junk and guard posts that held massive Troika Machine Guns. Within its confines lay a small community of Human survivors, including what appeared to be propane salesmen, gamblers, drunkards, and housewives who grill kryll and rats outdoors. The base was led by de facto leader Franklin, who possessed a Junker. The Junker was housed and fueled at Chap's Gas Station, and at least two checkpoints had been set up between them for added security in the crossing between the two locations.


Locust WarEdit


The Outpost under siege by the Locust.

Lightmass OffensiveEdit

During the Lightmass Offensive, the settlement was under siege by the Locust, with forces including Drones, Boomers, Snipers and Grenadiers. Delta Two held off the Locust Horde with some help from the Stranded militia, but ultimately it was the timely arrival of the rest of the squad with Laverne that saved them. To defend it, Marcus had a range of weaponry to choose from, including the Longshot and Frag Grenades. The walls also housed a Troika, which Marcus used to mow down the Locust with a stream of bullets. However, a massive Emergence Hole erupted inside the walls. Marcus acted quickly to save the Stranded, killing the Boomers before heading off to the Lethia Imulsion Facility in the Junker. At some point after Delta Squad helped fight off the Locust invasion, the outpost was destroyed. Whether it was simply abandoned after the attack or was destroyed in a later attack is unknown. Chaps at least survived and moved underground for protection.

Known CheckpointsEdit

Known residentsEdit


Entrance to the Outpost as it appeared in the original Gears of War



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