Biographical information
Date of birth

Built during the Pendulum Wars

Physical description and equipment

2 feet

Eye color



Ripping Mechanism

  • Robotics tools (hand-torch)
  • Cloaking shield
  • UAV

Sea Raven

Chronological and political information


Notable Facts

One of three Bots that took part at Aspho Fields


Frank or Frankbot was a bot that took part in Operation Leveler.


Operation LevelerEdit

During Operation Leveler, Frank was one of three bots that accompanied the commando team into Aspho Point to download the data on the Hammer of Dawn. Frank opened one of the vehicle gates locks, allowing the commando team to get into the facility.[1] Frank went with another bot, Joe, and Green Troop into the main facility. He followed Dominic Santiago into the server room, and went from server to server, downloading and erasing the information.[2] Major Victor Hoffman considered Frank to be the main prioity, and ordered Dom to guard it. Dom issued orders to it to head out to the Marlins for extraction once it had finished downloading the data from the server room.[3] When the Gears began the extraction from the operation, Frank and the other bots were sent out on their own over the water,[4] and they were safely picked up by Sea Ravens.[5]


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