"You may use it to declare martial in part or all of the COG territories."
— Attorney General Milon Audley to Chairman Richard Prescott
"As all of Sera has learned, peace is fragile. This new ruthless enemy has rendered Sera's leaders either helpless, or dead. This enemy believes Sera is finished. The Coalition of Ordered Governments believes Sera is finished- being this sick, feeble, animal, waiting for slaughter. Today, citizens of Sera, we (COALITION), will take back our planet. To ensure your safety, (COOPERATION), we are reinstating the Fortification Act. All of Sera will be under martial law; no-one is exempt. Survivors should immediately start evacuating to Jacinto Plateau. These (UNCLEAN) creatures, these locusts, (SEEM) are unable to penetrate Jacinto's granite base. Therefore, in Jacinto, we are safe."
— Chairman Richard Prescott, delivering the speech that reinstated the Fortification Act[1][2]

The Fortification Act was a law in the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Most notably ratified during the immediate prelude to the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, the act established martial law in COG controlled areas on Sera.[1][2][3] It allowed the COG to transform the Jacinto Plateau into an unassailable fortress, sealing areas inside the plateau (such as Ephyra) from the Locust Horde. Despite the desertion of those outside the Jacinto Plateau, this act proved wildly popular, as it protected the citizens of the plateau from attack by the Locust. However, this act limited the freedom of citizens, rationed food supplies, and levied all able-bodied men into the military.[3] These stipulations may have partially been an effort for the COG's highest leadership to eliminate any possible political opposition. In addition, the act gave the COG Department of Conscription legal rights to conscript all former Stranded into the military,[4] and placed women who couldn't give birth into non-combat positions such as pilots, medics and control operators, as well as forcing the majority of women who could give birth into "Breeding Farms" to live with the sole purpose of giving birth, in order to help repopulate the human race.[4][3][5] The remaining sovereign nation-state governing bodies that had once existed under the umbrella of the Coalition were disbanded to fully centralize power within efficient leadership. Additionally the Fortification Act effectively nationalized all remaining private civilian assets, infrastructure, and property under control of the Coalition. [citation needed]

COG ProclamationEdit

Proclamation--article image

Notice of Curfew

Due to recent Locust encroachment into Jacinto, COG soldiers will be enforcing a mandatory curfew every night until further notice. All Jacinto citizens are encouraged to remain indoors whenever possible, and are ordered to be off the streets by nightfall. After dusk, COG soldiers have orders to shoot on sight. Any citizen found to be in violation of this curfew faces arrest, imprisonment, and/or possible injury. Do your part to help make Jacinto a safer place for all.[6]

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